About Us

About Us

image_1Our history

Conveniently located at the corner of Southern Boulevard and Military Trail Don Café restaurant is located. A charming restaurant and cafe the best Latin American style, has a truly tropical atmosphere where guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes.
Owned brothers Tony and Nelson Tiburcio, Dominican highly appreciated and respected in the area, being hardworking, honest and with great human qualities.

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Our Mission

Ser un restaurante donde la especialidad no la haga un plato, sino que la especialidad la haga la atención, el servicio, el cariño con el que queremos atender a todos nuestros clientes.

good food!

The specialty does not make a dish specialty makes attention, service, affection with which we serve our customers, now if you ask me in our dishes which is what they prefer our consumers will tell you that we many, especially the dishes of the Caribbean Puerto Rico Santo Domingo and Cuba.